POV: we’re your new TikTok bestie

The TikTok agency with a focus on UGC and influencer marketing. Always data driven. Never boring.

So, what’s POV?

Point of View: the mental position from which a story is observed or narrated.

Every brand tells their own story, so does every creator. We build connections to narrate an authentic love story between them and their audience.


Data driven.


Female led.

Influencer marketing

From strategy to talent matching, from creative concepts to data analysis. Our international experience with influencer marketing campaigns helps you reach your perfect target audience.

TikTok channel management and strategy

It’s time for you to take advantage of the hottest platform out there. At POV we help you navigate trends, develop creative concepts and manage your TikTok page.

Our clients POV

In the end – it’s not about us. It’s about your POV. We’re just guiding you in the right direction.

I highly recommend working with the people at POV Agency and especially our account manager Miisa.

They helped us get started on the Finnish market smoothly, with great creators and campaigns fully managed by them till this day.

Alon Ganot – MyHeritage

Influencer Marketing Team Lead

If you’re looking for a dynamic pro team that’s as passionate about TikTok as you are an old school wizard, look no further than POV Agency! These folks have taken our brand new Circulove account from a scratch and turned it into a thought leader to challenge the status quo in Finland, Scandinavia, and pretty much all the way to the Benelux region. Lisa’s and Miisa’s hands-on approach and creative flair for organic promotion have made all the difference. We’re tickled pink with the results, and I’m sure you will be too.

Timo Salomäki

CEO Circulove

From our POV, to your screen.