We decided it was time to share OUR POV. As we are in that weird gap between Gen Z and Millenials, we know exactly what’s happening and how to translate that into engaging campaigns.

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How did an Ohio marketing graduate from Finland and a London Fashion school dropout from Amsterdam meet? Simple: through a tech startup in Estonia and a shared love for brunch and carpool karaoke.

Founded in 2022, POV Agency aims to help brands tell their story through influencer marketing and TikTok. At the core we are creators with an ambition to change the landscape of influencer marketing. Instead of making things difficult, we try to simplify processes by focusing on data and accessibility for all brands.

Lisa Lieke

Lisa’s POV.


I’m born and raised in Amsterdam, but I really grew up in London and Austria. I am a girl slightly obsessed with TikTok, an active LGBTQIA+ ally and a cat mom. My POV is always changing, just like social media and influencer marketing are.

Miisa Hälinen

Miisa’s POV.


I’m born and raised in Finland but have spent several years in the US. Some guilty pleasures of mine include overpriced coffees and binge scrolling through social media. My POV is to keep exploring the great things social media makes possible for both creators and businesses.